Bangalow Holistic Dentist, Dr Nigel Cluer

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  • Over 25 years experience in holistic dentistry.
  • Now offering biomimetic dentistry: Mimicking nature in terms of structure, function and aesthetics. Minimally invasive and tooth conserving.
  • Elegant, spacious rooms in the heart of Bangalow. Abundant parking available.

Dr Cluer has been serving his patients in the Byron Shire since 1999 and has recently opened his new, state-of-the art dental clinic in Bangalow. Dr Cluer practises all forms of general dentistry and feels a responsibility to remain at the forefront of holistic dentistry with ongoing study and research into the oral systemic connection. This link between oral health, the oral environment, and general health often goes unrecognised within both conventional and integrative medicines. The main areas of concern are: 1. Asymptomatic and undiagnosed infections in the mouth including gum disease, dead teeth and failed root fillings; 2. Toxic heavy metals. Dr Cluer uses biocompatible, non-toxic materials which are BPA-free. He provides cutting-edge nutritional detox protocols for mercury drainage and supporting the treatment of gum disease and inflammation.

Dr Nigel Cluer B.D.Sc Hons
Bangalow Holistic Dentist
2/42 Byron Street, Bangalow
02 6687 2150
[email protected]

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