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Byron Bay

  • Bytes of Byron is an award-winning Eco-Dental surgery that doesn’t cost the Earth.
  • An eco-dentist differs from a normal clinic by operating in the most sustainable way possible, minimising their impact on the environment.
  • Exclusively uses BPA-free white fillings and has procedures for safely removing old mercury fillings.

As members of the Eco-Dentistry Association, Bytes of Byron is committed to a dental profession that values both outstanding patient care and outstanding planetary care.

They have a team of highly skilled holistic dentists including Dr Jon Veranese and Dr Leigh Bayliss, who recognise that as dental professionals they make decisions every day that impact on the public’s health, and the health of our Earth. As such, Bytes of Byron have made it their mission is to provide excellent dental care for the whole family at affordable prices, reduce waste and pollution, save water, energy, and support a wellness lifestyle.

Bytes of Byron are open six days a week till late. 9am till 8pm Monday to Friday and till 5pm Saturdays. 24-hour Emergency Line

Bytes of Byron Dental
Dr Jon Veranese B.D.S., Dr Leigh Bayliss
Shop 1, The Butter Factory, 140–142 Jonson St, Byron Bay
02 6680 8066
 Bytes of Byron – Eco Dentistry

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