Byron Bay Detox Retreats

‘I feel amazing, I effortlessly gave up smoking, on day one, no side effects. I really don’t understand how. I lost two kilograms in a week; I feel amazing. The inflammation in my body is so much less, which means the aches and pains are so much less.’ – Kath Griffin

Delamay Devi, Yoga Teacher, Trainer & Mentor

Delamay has been on the teaching path for 20+ years and is a senior Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher trainer, mentor and creatrix of Devi Designs. A creative powerhouse, she is known internationally for her retreats and trainings that are fuelled with inspiration and infectious enthusiasm.

Patty Perlman, Yoga Teacher, Mana Yoga Retreats

‘I recently attended Mana Yoga Retreats in Byron Bay. The itinerary was a perfect balance of laidback yoga classes and beach time to relax. The staff were easygoing, yet organised, and the food was fantastic. I found that the yoga and guided meditations brought clarity in areas where I was needing a new perspective.’
– Lorna Jane Clarkson

Retreats Byron Bay

Choose the dates that suit you and then select your experience for an overnight or three-day stay, which we will further refine to potentise your intention – all killer no filler.
Expect to leave revived, relaxed and renewed, recommitted to Self and all your potentials.


  • Transformational work.
  • Explorations in consciousness.
  • Rites of initiation for women and men.

Chocolate Yoga, Byron Bay

Chocolate Yoga is the merging of two of your greatest pleasures, chocolate and yoga. It offers a divine fusion of Cacao Ceremony with Kundalini Yoga, to shift your yoga practice into a whole new dimension.
‘I loved every second of it… Absolutely blissful, divine, intense, enriching experience!’ Ð Sunne Johannsen

Ayurveda College Pty Ltd, Byron Bay, Kyogle

  • Offering face-to-face government-recognised training in Ayurveda in Byron Bay.
  • Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation HLT52615 CRICOS code 089378G – 78 weeks (200 hours clinic work).
  • Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda HLT62615 CRICOS code 089379G – 132 weeks (400 hours clinic work).

Byron Thai Massage School

‘Valentina offers one of the most thoroughly considered and well-expressed courses on Thai Yoga Massage. Her passion translates immediately through her commitment to impart her experience and knowledge.’ – Cat
‘A very detailed and well-rounded course with Yoga and movement classes to supplement training/practice.’ – Judith

Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training

‘Rainbow Kids Yoga Training was life changing. The training gave me the knowledge and the drive to make my dream of teaching yoga to children possible. I now have the resources and the support I need to make these dreams become a reality.’ – Aleia Pengilley