Deirdre Middlehurst Clinical Psychologist

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Byron Bay

Deirdre is an experienced clinical psychologist who works with adults and adolescents within a client-focused, integrated model, to resolve the psychological distress of trauma, anxiety, phobias, the psychological effects of bullying (past or current) and depression.

For over 20 years Deirdre has been using EMDR to support traumatised individuals to resolve their distress. She connects with her clients in a deeply respectful acknowledgement that each individual has within themselves the means to heal their psychological distress, once the core issue is identified and a decision is made to resolve it.

Deirdre is skilled in helping the client to identify the underlying critical issue, and then gently facilitates, for the individual, the means to allow their healing to occur.

She uses client-focused, client-specific approaches, somatic mindfulness, and EMDR, while working within the parameters of the individual’s own core truth.

Deirdre Middlehurst Clinical Psychologist
B.A. Hons (Psych), M. Clin Psych.
The Health Lodge, Byron Integrated Medicine,
78 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay
02 6685 6445
[email protected]

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