Elushia Parker, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

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South Golden Beach, Byron Bay,

  • Build personal resilience and gain tools that assist with self-regulation
  • Experience feeling deep rest and the feeling of calm.
  • Quiet your mind-chatter and build mind-body awareness.

Elushia creates a nurturing space to release patterns of holding or bracing that deeply fatigue the body, mind and emotions, calling to be witnessed. As a seasoned practitioner, she draws from twelve years of applied experience in body work with somatic experiencing as her central modality.

Achieving results gently without re-living trauma, her approach re-establishes resilience and a more holistic experience of life. Sessions are intuitive and include awareness either through building body-supported awareness and/or gentle touch. A respectful dialogue builds a feeling of being met at a level that bypasses the mind and instills a sense of trust and safety. Through this combination of skills Elushia brings a nurturing and caring approach to resolving trauma. The session will support the nervous system’s thwarted response to fight, flight and freeze, to gently resolve.

Elushia Parker, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner,
Dip Remedial MT, DARe Somatic Attachment Training
40 Elizabeth Avenue, South Golden Beach
The Health Lodge, Byron Bay
0414 634 831
[email protected]

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