Leanne Hutchinson, Pain Management Laser Therapy

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Drug free, non thermal, non invasive and no side effects.
‘I was so impressed with my treatment, which included laser therapy.’ – John McCoy
’My treatment was under the expert management of therapist Leanne, and now after four weeks I am pain free and resuming normal activities.’
– Peter McHugh

Leanne is a specialist laser therapist and remedial therapist delivering pain relief and accelerated tissue healing to many with acute and chronic conditions. Low-intensity, non-thermal laser therapy delivers deep penetrating light energy or phototherapy to cells to produce cellular energy, which reduces pain and inflammation, and accelerates the healing process. Unwanted inflammatory chemicals from damaged tissue are flushed away more efficiently as the laser stimulates lymphatic drainage of the area, further reducing pain and discomfort. Laser dramatically reduces formation of stiff fibrotic scar tissue at the injury site and encourages production of healthy tissue that’s strong and flexible.

Suitable for: arthritis, tendonitis, foot pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, nerve pain, lymphoedema and bursitis. Help is just a phone call away. By appointment only.

Healthfund rebates available – conditions apply.

Leanne Hutchinson
Pain Management Laser Therapy
1A/97 Murwillumbah Street, Murwillumbah
0438 134 909, 0477 218 398
[email protected]

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