Alex McCann

Alex McCann – Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Mentor 

While modern technology has enhanced so much for us, it has led us to become sedentary, guzzle foods engineered for pleasure and drown ourselves in screen time. We just didn’t evolve to live this way.  

A-Train Fitness recognises the direct connection between physical and mental health and uses her expertise to guide her clients to a more aligned way of living, providing easy, maintainable solutions and a wealth of knowledge. 

Muscle is so important. Not only does it amp up your metabolism, it’s reduces your risk of injury and it leads to healthier, stronger muscle and bones. It also increases your confidence and how you feel about yourself.

A-Train Fitness runs 14 classes a week in Brunswick Heads, as well as training 1:1 clients. The workouts are effective, time efficient and cover all aspects of fitness, including cardiovascular for that heart health and mobility exercises in a supportive inclusive environment. Alex has an understanding that people have different limitations and can work with all of them with alterations to all exercises. 

Weather permitting, there are some outdoor classes at the Surf Club and personal training can be conducted locally at your house or in the studio in Ocean Shores.

Alex is the trainer you never knew you needed until you find her! Her energy and motivation is clear and evident in every session you do with her but what sets her apart is her dedication. She went out of her way to go to a Menopause seminar to find out how best to help her clients in this stage. She remembers when clients are carrying injuries and discreetly gives them alternate exercises. Everyone feels comfortable in her sessions.  She recognises that fitness is a whole picture, that you need sleep, good nutrition and exercise. I get out of bed at 5.30am to train with her and if you knew me that’s a recommendation right there!

Ellen Briggs

I look forward to my weekly sessions with Alex. She is a knowledgeable and fun instructor who really takes care of her participants. I’m not a great lover of exercise but I really love coming to Alex’s classes. My fitness and strength have improved each week. Highly recommend.  

Debbie Timms

Alex’s PT sessions really are the best, she always keeps me on my toes with new challenges, always making me laugh with her cheeky comments and pushes me to breaking point (in a good way) in each and every session. I am much more stronger, more confident and have seen some big changes since I have been training with her. If you’re looking for some fun, a lot of laughs and a bloody hard workout, Alex is your gal!

Jeska Turton

A-Train Fitness 
Alex McCann – Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Mentor 
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