Alistair Larmour
  • Do you think too much?
  • Anxiety/depression?
  • Insomnia?
  • Think your next thought before you finish your last?
  • Ever been suicidal?
  • Like drugs/alcohol?
  • Compulsive behaviour?
  • Mean to yourself in your own head?

If you relate to this checklist of symptoms, then you have what Alistair Larmour specialises in treating. One session can resolve this cluster of problems in you permanently. Feel the emotional weight lift off your shoulders and discover the capacity to relax the same way that everyone else does. This particular issue afflicts so many people, but there is an answer. 

After 15 years of treating these problems, and hundreds of satisfied clients, Alistair Larmour can in one session help deal with the issue. So if you want to put an end to the quiet daily struggle you endure, give him a call.

Alistair Larmour
Multi-Discipline Spiritual Healer
0456 592 161