I specialise in supporting men experience meaningful, loving, intimate connection to themselves, like-minded guys, and their spirit. 

Men’s Retreats | Nude Yoga | Private Tantric-Mentoring | Spiritual Guidance

  • Gain sexual confidence;
  • Learn and explore tantra, sacred sexuality and kundalini; 
  • Heal sexual shame, guilt, body-confidence; 
  • Improve relationships and communication; 
  • Connect to love;

Other modalities include: Human design readings, energy healing and spirit guide channeling (to connect to your spirit guides). 

About Andreas

“My vision is to help men who love men connect their sexuality and spirituality together so that they no longer experience the trauma, confusion and loneliness of these two powerful energies being separated.

As a gay teenager, I felt disconnected from my authentic essence, my physical body and my sexuality, which led me on a healing and spiritual journey of discovery.

Today we often fracture ourselves into little siloes of the spiritual and sexual, feeling as if they cannot co-exist. I help people make sense of both so they can come home to their body-mind-soul connection.” “


Andreas is a 500-hour advanced yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Australia. He is a certified Self-Pleasure Practitioner through Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia, and Human Design reader. 

Can I just say I love all of this Andreas!! I remember questioning my choice of partner over and over and constantly excusing bad behaviour…he would tell me I was embarrassing. Somehow I lost myself and I’m on the road to rediscovery right now and I feel like I’m really making great steps. It’s really working. I have been feeling so comfortable through the process of really facing some of my inner demons. Your communication and warm personality has made it so easy for me to open up and allow myself to let go in a safe space.

– Peter (Tantric Mentoring client)

I’ve reflected a lot over the retreat and found it a really positive experience. Definitely a step into the unknown but gently lead by your warm and encouraging style. So refreshing to go to a workshop focused on learning about intimacy and connection to another person, in such a relaxed and creative way. See you next yoga class!

Andy (men’s retreat & nude yoga participant)

Andreas Embodiment
Online and in-person in Canberra and Sydney. 
Men’s Retreats are run throughout eastern Australia.
Retreats in the northern rivers / lower QLD region 2024-25.

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  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
  • Group Sessions:Yes
  • Training, Education, Workshops and Retreats:Yes
  • Online Shop:Yes
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