Anton Leith

Remedial massage that blends myofascial release, deep tissue, relaxation and trigger point therapy to aid you in becoming more embodied, open and pain free. Anton has over 5000 hours of remedial massage experience and many years of dedicated spiritual practice (including a two year meditation retreat), which combined, makes for a highly effective, precisely attuned and thoroughly enjoyable treatment.

Always using the highest quality, incredibly comfy massage table and luxurious jojoba oil for each treatment.

Anton grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and came to Australia in 2010, where he studied Remedial massage, graduating from Massage schools of Queensland in 2015 and winning a prize for his research project and presentation on ‘the treatment of tension headaches using trigger point therapy’.

For the past 10 years or so Anton has been devoted to experientially investigating the nature of consciousness through meditation and self inquiry, and this has opened up capacities to palpably work on a deep energetic level, as well as just the physical, while giving treatments.

Anton is an ongoing student of the ‘Diamond Approach’ spiritual path, and partakes in many spiritual retreats every year, continuing his learning and development so that he can better embody and express our deepest human potential.

Health fund rebates available.

“I had been experiencing some lower back pain and had a lot of overall tension in my back and Anton gave me an incredible remedial massage. He knew exactly what issues I had and was extremely knowledgeable and caring. He was really focused throughout, and I had a fantastic experience. I felt great after, and I’m going to definitely keep seeing him.”

Josie Rork

“Receiving a massage from Anton is a truly memorable experience. As a practitioner he is warm, fully present, attuned and generous. His technique is intuitive and always aligned to my body’s needs at the time, which offers a depth for healing I didn’t know I needed. His treatment feels holistic and deeply caring, I practically float off the table!”

Sarah Bradshaw

Anton Leith Mobile Massage
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