Ashlea Griffin, The Happy Therapist

My name is Ashlea Griffin, The Happy Therapist.

Happiness is very important to me and a big part of happiness is being both physically and emotionally fit! Since experiencing and overcoming many of my own emotional barriers, I have made it my mission to help people discover their own truth and happiness. While everyone’s journey and experience is different, I acknowledge the complexities in what it feels like to be depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, overweight and much more. Through experiencing and overcoming my own personal pain points I became passionate in helping others understand theirs; helping them navigate their way to feeling personal freedom in healing, wholeness, love, health, and happiness.

My online Happiness Packages are designed to fulfil the areas of your life that you believe need positive changes. I specialise as an NLP Practitioner, Matrix Therapist, and Hypnotherapist which will facilitate the development of your personal growth and wellbeing by helping you heal, overcome, and understand past traumas, limiting beliefs, toxic and self-sabotaging behaviours, stress, anxiety and any other blockages that are preventing you from thriving.

You will uncover a new purpose, passion, motivation, and freedom that will ignite a flow on effect in every area of your world! Each one of your sessions is of incredible and life-changing value which will help facilitate and impact the next session; until you find yourself on your very own transformational pathway! All of this combined will bring a new and healthy awareness about how you can function on a day to day basis in order to create a bright, happy and fulfilled future not only for yourself but also your loved ones!

“I have completed a couple of Ash’s Women’s Programs and without any hesitation would highly recommend them to anyone. Ash is dynamic and real! She is so gentle, yet strong and very nurturing. You can feel easy about opening up to her about anything. Like a warm hug she envelops you in a safe and secure environment. Ash has learnt things through her own life experiences and not just from a textbook. She really understands! The good, the bad and the ugly. This is one very special lady. Put yourself in her capable hands, you will not be disappointed, promise! Enjoy.”


“I have done a lot of therapies over the years but the biggest difference is that Ash covers the whole picture. I found out things that I didn’t realise had shaped my life.”


“I can’t believe how far I have come in 6 weeks! Ash has been there and done it all and she helps you get through all the layers. I feel stronger and supported.”


“I didn’t realise I had to come so far. Working with Ash has literally changed my life.”


“Ash is inspiring, and connects with your deeper self. She challenges you to be your best self.”


Ashlea Griffin, The Happy Therapist
Byron Bay
0410 121 754

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