Belle Eder is an experienced herbalist and certified GAPS practitioner who works with all areas of gut health, inflammatory conditions, hormonal imbalance, auto-immunity, depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions.

Belle empowers her patients by joining the dots in their health history to promote understanding, and educating them to take the necessary steps towards healing and health. She works primarily with individualised herbal tonics and food to support the body to heal itself. Belle offers ongoing support, and her empathy and passion for health will inspire you along the way.

Consultations are available both in Mullumbimby and remotely via Zoom.

‘At two years Aston was diagnosed with autism and was non verbal. It’s like a fog has been lifted from his eyes and he is now living in our world. Belle celebrated with us watching him blossom.’ 

– Steph

‘Infectious illness left me depressed, in constant pain, overweight, hypertensive and pre-diabetic. Today I am none of those. Belle was often strict, but always compassionate and good humoured. I owe my health to her work.’ 

– Simon

Belle Eder
Gut Specialist, Herbalist, GAPS™ Practitioner
0405 337 433

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