Carolyn Boniface

Experience deep peace, healed expansive boundaries, comfort in body and mind and alignment with joy!

If you hold memory of abuse, violence or boundary violation; if you have suffered shock, PTSD, serious trauma or concussion; if you live with anxiety, panic attacks or eating disorders; if depression or chronic pain runs your life: After one treatment with Carolyn you will be able to feel the difference.

Carolyn is a practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration and has pioneered a unique biodynamic, non-intrusive and pain-free approach. The ten session process will offer alignment and cohesiveness at all levels of being, mental and physical balance, inner harmony, and alleviation of pain syndromes. A unique process for those seeking fundamental change. Great for the very sensitive.

For the four legged; Carolyn treats dogs, cats and horses. Her work is therapeutic for stress, nervous disorders and rehabilitation.

‘It was the deepest therapy I have ever known. I have been so tranquil, so present and so happy. I trust in life again… I am not afraid of being alone anymore… It has been a miracle’ 

– Melissa Collins

Carolyn Boniface
Advanced Certified Rolf & Biodynamic Practitioner
289 Nolans Road, Stokers Siding
0401 452 762
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