Byron Bay Exotics continues an alchemic tradition of carefully extracting the therapeutic qualities from the calendula flower. The organically grown and hand processed Gold+ Calendula flower oil is an infusion with hemp seed, macadamia and olive oils to create high potency nourishing oils and medicinal balms for skin and body care.

Created from organic botanicals, the base Gold+ Calendula oil is made from flowers grown and processed by hand at Mount Warning, where the rich volcanic soil, sub-tropical climate, and plentiful rainfall enriches the quality of the flowers and herbs. The ‘Calendula Gold’™ flower oil is combined with carefully chosen ingredients to produce the Byron Bay Exotics organic skincare range.

Calendula is a medicinal plant with a beautiful orange flower that has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-viral healing properties. The active ingredients can reduce the signs of ageing and provide moisture and tone to the skin, as well as protecting cells from free radical damage. Calendula can be used as a remedy for skin issues like eczema, acne, dry skin and dermatitis.

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