Dominic Gleeson & Julie Caracatsanoudis

Julie and Dominic specialise in classical ayurvedic nutritional medicine. Both are qualified ayurveda practitioners trained by Professor Chandler at the Ayurveda College, Byron Bay. Their training included classical ayurvedic health assessments – identifying and treating the very root causes of illness, nutrition, making and dispensing prescriptions, providing therapies including cleanses, yoga and meditation, counselling for health and wellbeing.

All suggestions and therapies are designed to suit individuals and their living environment.

Ayurvedic nutrition prescribes foods based on your current condition (vikrti), dosha constitution (prakrit), season, age and stage of life, in addition to nutritional deficiencies. This makes it unique in the fact that it considers the energies of the food as well as that of the consumer, the method of preparation, and daily meditation / spiritual practice, to restore and maintain health.

‘Julie held a warming and kind space for me, making me feel very comfortable through the session. She formulated a specific meal plan for me to follow to help re-balance my body. She listened and offered simple lifestyle changes that I now see as a treat to have in my life. Julie catered to me individually, and provided guidance on ways I can live a more simple, balanced and healthier life.’

 – A Ahmet

Julie Caracatsanoudis B.Sc.GDip.Edu.AdvDip.Ayu
0435 228 539

Dominic Gleeson Adv.Dip.Ayu
0455 822 270