Brigid Carroll

Brigid Carroll’s journey in the realm of massage therapy and energy healing spans three decades. Since 1997 she has owned and operated Sydney CBD Massage Clinic, and since June 2023 she owns Byron Massage Centre.

A former massage teacher at AGL for seven years, a dedicated meditation practice for three decades, a member of The White Eagle path for a decade, member of ATMS for thirty years, Brigid is committed to healing, empowering and nurturing her clients’ wellbeing. 

Situated within Go Vita, Byron Massage Centre offers a range of specialised treatments: 

Relaxation Massage:

Meticulously crafted to provide both physical relief and rejuvenation. This soothing modality serves as a balm for the soul, melting away stress and tension while channelling healing energy to restore inner harmony. 

Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage:

Therapeutic intervention targeting muscular aches and pains, using precision, focus and firm pressure. Clients emerge from these sessions invigorated, their bodies liberated from the burdens of muscular tension and niggling aches. 

Pregnancy Massage:

Expectant mothers find solace in this treatment, tailored to alleviate discomfort, whilst promoting relaxation during this transformative period of their lives. Whether easing shoulder, lumbar and leg pain or offering a moment of respite from the physical demands of pregnancy, Brigid’s nurturing touch brings comfort and relief. 

Energy Healing:

Brigid’s unique gifts truly shine in these sessions. In this deeply transformative practice, she works with clients to clear energetic blockages within the chakras, creating unease or disease within the mind and body, guided by Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. Through this energy exchange clients experience profound transformation, emerging lighter, more energised and at peace with themselves. 

Brigid provides her clients with invaluable insights and tools to navigate life with heightened consciousness. Each session concludes with a personalised synopsis of the systems energised and practical strategies for continued growth and self discovery. 

In essence, Byron Massage Centre is a sanctuary for holistic healing and transformation, where clients are invited to reconnect with their inner selves and embrace the fullness of their being. 

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“Brigid has magic hands! I always feel absolutely amazing post massage and all aches and pains are taken care of! She is kind and respectful and always takes care to ensure she understands what your needs are. Cannot recommend highly enough….100 stars.” 

Terri Baker

“I had a chakra healing and cleansing session with Brigid and it was really outstanding. It was a beautiful, calming session. With the help of guides Brigid deconstructed my emotions
and was able to help me understand what was going on. She was spot on. It was such a relief and I walked away feeling so much lighter. A new me! Thank you Brigid.” 

Melinda Lys

Byron Massage Centre
69 Jonson Street, Byron Bay (inside Go Vita)
0450 770 240

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