Miss Kate Lucas

Welcome to your rebirth

The first part of your life up until age seven, experts say, is akin to being in a constant state of hypnosis. We are literally programmed from our parents, elders, and culture to be who we are today.

Who were you hypnotised to be?

Are your programs empowering or hindering your growth?

Breathwork gives us the space to find out what subconscious thoughts we are carrying or what energy we are attached to and if necessary, change it to suit who / what we now desire to be.

You have the key to unlock and fulfil your greatest destiny.

This is your sign.

Will you lean in?

The Power of the Breath 

Breathwork is an intentional and connected breathing technique amazingly simple in its approach yet can deliver profound results.

  • Greater presence in all areas of your life
  • Greater self love, and therefore love for others
  • More clarity and ability to powerfully move in your life’s true direction
  • Relief from oppressive emotions and negative thoughts
  • Relief from physical pain
  • Having an expanded bodily container for all the pleasurable feelings of life
  • Improved relationships with loved ones and the greater community
  • Deeper connection with your creative/sexual potential
  • More connection to the Divine and Spiritual aspects of life

Online Programs in the making: Reiki Fire Energy Healers Training / Awareness Alter / Accessing your Super Powers: Reiki for Kids. 

Available for Retreats, Private Home Visits, VIP Hotel Visits, Business Bonding Sessions, Family and Partner Emotional Reconnection Practice, House Clearings. 


Breathwork Facilitator / Spiritual Healer / Empowerment Coach / Mentor / Reiki Fire Teacher / Mother / Energy Healer / Psychic / Day Spa Manager / Counsellor / Rapid Transformation Therapist / Massage Therapist / Meditation Guide / VIP Private Breathwork Function Coordinator / Sister / Friend.


Massage / Beauty Therapist cert 4 @ Tafe 1999
Social Science Degree @ ACAP 2005
Reiki Master @ Jerome Baudel 2008
Energy Healing Master @ Jerome Baudel 2008
Rapid Transformation Therapist @ Marissa Peer 2018
Rebirthing Breathwork level 1 & 2 @ Creative Breathwork 2020

The moment I walked into my first Breathe session Kate welcomed me with open arms. Her loving presence imbued a sense of calm and serenity. I knew I was safe and supported in this unknown space and no matter what, I intuitively knew this was going to be a life changing experience. Breathing has taken on a whole new meaning and has had a profound impact in my life and the life within me. This transformational healing modality that is readily available to all is an incredible gift, as is Kate.

Caroline, Byron Bay

Working with Kate was honestly a life changing experience and something that will stay with me always. Her unique blend of healing gifts mean that every encounter with her feels personal and purely transformative. She is a true healer and an absolute gift to the world.

Melissa B, Byron Bay

“I have been having regular sessions with Kate on and off for about 10 years now. Every session I come away with a renewed sense of lightness, clarity, purpose and empowerment. The insights Kate gives are always 1000% accurate and the energy work she facilitates is profound and transformative. She has been a guiding light in my life and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone- we all need this soul level healing in our lives from a master such as Kate ”

Megan, Manly

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Miss Kate Lucas
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  • Online Sessions:Yes
  • Group Sessions:Yes
  • Training, Education, Workshops and Retreats:Yes
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