Dr Mayada Zaki
  • Holistic, friendly, and professional care by compassionate and empathic qualified medical doctors with deep knowledge of facial anatomy and function offering a range of anti-ageing and rejuvenation procedures.
  • Medically trained in the management of chronic dermatological, musculoskeletal, hair loss and reproductive health conditions.

Coastal Cosmetic Doctors is locally owned and operated by experienced general practitioners and skin cancer doctors, who are now offering services in their passion area of aesthetic medicine. As a doctor first and foremost, Dr Zaki has an ethical obligation to practise evidence-based and ethically oriented treatments. Her unique philosophy is based on looking natural and feeling rejuvenated.

Treatments offered include: My Derma – an individualised skin care regimen developed by Dr Zaki; Platelet-rich plasma for facial and vaginal rejuvenation, musculoskeletal, and hair loss; Dermapen and radio frequency microneedling for pigmentation and collagen production as well as acne and scar management; Anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, skin boosters and peels; Cryolipolysis – otherwise known as fat freezing.

All new patients are seen in a 45-minute consultation where an holistic plan is constructed to achieve each individual’s desired aesthetic goals.

Cosmetic Cosmetic Doctors
Ocean Shores Skin Clinic, 70–72 Rajah Road, Ocean Shores
Sundale Medical Southport, 8/2 Como Crescent, Southport
0499 756 088

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