Michelle Coates
  • Hypnotherapy, neurofeedback, breathing.
  • Blue Mind therapy specialist.
  • Sleep, smoking, tinnitus, addictions, anxiety, weight loss, sports performance, PTSD and more.

Michelle has dedicated her life to helping others in her communications and marine environmental work and now via neurofeedback and hypnotherapy.

Ever wondered about what the actual state of your brain looks like? Using Australian-engineered, medical-grade technology, Michelle can quickly assess and retrain your brain’s response to life’s stresses. Neurofeedback is a quick and non invasive technique which assists in providing a starting reference for hypnosis sessions.

Michelle is university trained, salt water activated, and spiritually oriented; providing a non-judgemental and happy environment to create lasting change. Her unique offering of Blue Mind hypnosis therapy brings together the extensive work of Dr Wallace J Nichols (Blue Mind) and Dr Norman Doidge (The Brain that Changes Itself).

‘I can’t believe you turned my life around in a session. Everything is different and I’m so excited to dive again. My whole focus has changed’ 

– Jodi Passmore

Coastal Hypno
20/15 Fortuna Place, Parkwood, and online
Mobile service to your location on the Gold Coast or northern NSW
0407 871 341

Additional Details

  • Consultation/Treatment Room:Yes
  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Phone Consultations:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
  • Group Sessions:Yes
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