At Cosm our philosophy is based on sustainability in every expression; we want you to take the healing home and get involved with your own being.

Our goal as a team is to:

  • Help you acutely.
  • Activate your own health sovereignty.
  • Provide you with quality continuity of care.
Hugh Hayward

Hugh and Emily use acupuncture, massage, breath, and Chinese herbal medicine for your unique treatment.

Hugh works with patients with chronic pain, sports injuries and has lots of experience with anatomy and the structure of the body. He has a special interest with treating addictions and mental health issues. Having worked with Em during her pregnancies and covered her while she is on maternity leave he has first hand in depth knowledge on supporting women with their pregnancies and labour prep and has full trust in birth. He acknowledges a woman’s intuition as a safe, natural and protective mechanism for their journey.

During her pregnancies Em discovered her innate wisdom and connection to self, which has helped shape the nature of her sessions. She takes a very individualised holistic approach for all stages of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

Emily Whitelock

After suffering severe post natal depletion and auto immunity; she now likes to educate women on the importance of conscious conception. Preparing their body before conception to ensure a stronger foundation and harmonious environment for mother and bub, and thus family.

She especially loves treating pregnant women embarking through their own journey to self. A time of raw creativity, sensuality and connection to source, she feels honoured to be apart of their birth prep team.

We have a highly skilled and qualified team of practitioners with other modalities including Esoteric Acupuncture, Holographic Kinetics, Crystal Dreaming, hypnotherapy, counselling, osteopathy, Vedic astrology, remedial massage and somatic experiencing.

Our private infrared sauna boasts rainforest views and an outdoor shower. Whether you are an athlete or recovering from injury or stress; it is the perfect addition to your rejuvenation and recovery protocol.

Online consultations offered include herbal medicine, crystal dreaming, hypnotherapy, counselling, somatic experiencing and movement therapy.

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