Kate Messenger

Shift stuck energy, let old stuff go and free up space within yourself to attract and create positive new experiences! Crystal ResonanceTM Therapist and Dream Coach Kate Messenger offers sessions in Mullumbimby and workshops around Byron Shire. Crystal Resonance TherapyTM is a powerful modality thats helps you access higher levels of consciousness and deep cellular memory to facilitate transformational shifts in your life and experiences. Sessions are facilitated through a ‘laying on of stones’ while you are in a relaxed and receptive state. The crystals work together synergistically to balance your energy and create powerful and lasting changes.

Some of the many benefits include: Increased and more balanced energy, improved sleep, greater creativity and confidence, increased sense of personal power, enhanced feelings of wellbeing and intuition.

Kate is able to immediately sense what is needed in a healing session. I arrived feeling tense and fearful and left with a sense of calmness and optimism which lasted for days. I gained great insight into my own condition during the session. I can’t recommend Kate highly enough’. 

– Emma Cottrell

Kate Messenger CRTh – Crystals & Dreaming
Mullumbimby – address provided at time of booking
0413 003 301