Deena Thompson

As a psychotherapist, Deena specializes in counselling and coaching couples in conflict. She believes as human beings, we are better and stronger when we find a safe haven and secure base in loving relationships, inclusive of our self-relationship. Her work identifies needs, assists repair, enhances and grows loving bonds.

Deenas’ strengths lie in teaching:

  • Effective communication strategies
  • Emotion regulation
  • Self awareness, mindfulness and meditation
  • The art of desire and desirability

As a therapist for individuals, Deena works closely with how one cares for ones ‘soul’, co-facilitating in the design of a life with purpose and joy.

‘We could have walked out on a marriage and family that has a lot of substance … Deena got us to see what we were doing that took us down a rabbit hole. … We applied what she taught us and humbly learnt to talk, listen, and respect. We can now go with the ups and downs – together rather than feeling so alone .’

 – N & R

Deena Thompson
Psychotherapist, Individual and Couples Counsellor
Grad. Dip. Emotion Focused Therapy Individual & Couples
Cooper Street, Byron Bay
0438 811 117