Dr Adam Osborne

Using meridian points, I created an exclusive injecting style with Botulinum toxin type A, to release stress, pain and grinding of the jaw, balance the face after stroke and palsy, and cosmetically relax the face to give a more chilled out natural look, befitting of our Byron Bay lifestyle-an organic experience, refreshing body and soul, to look great, feel better.

Cosmetic Injections for the Face

His bespoke approach to treatment enhances the natural potential of each patient’s unique facial structure and avoids the ‘one size fits all’ template of formulaic injecting. This is especially important when injecting men, as their facial structure is completely different to women.

A detailed treatment plan is discussed within your 30-minute consult, and as there is no middleman, cost is kept to a minimum.

Bio-remodelling is our latest procedure involving 5 injections both sides of the face to hydrate and make a juicy skin. The pure hyaluronic acid spreads like honey throughout the dermal layers, making your skin the best it can be. This procedure should be performed by a qualified medical professional.

Japanese Acupuncture

This therapy helps move the body’s chi and lymph fluid, while also oxygenating the blood. Specific needles with pure silver, gold, cobalt, copper and titanium tips, are used for specific purposes in the process, which may also be coupled with moxibustion.

Dr Osborne is an Academic level and awarded member of the Toyohari Association. For over 20 years, he has trained with this institution that honours the 400-year-old tradition of blind acupuncturists in Japan.


Every step in every treatment we provide is undertaken with utmost precision, sterility and care to ensure patient comfort and safety. The needles Dr Osborne uses are single-use sterile approved for use in Australia. The clinic has been endorsed by the local Public Health unit and has been fully accredited by AGPAL seven times in its 25 years of operation. Dr Osborne is long standing member of AMAC (Australian Medical Acupuncture College) and of Toyohari Australasia Japanese Acupuncture and an endorsed Fellow CPCA (Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia).

Dr Adam Osborne
02 6685 7366

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