Dr Tracey Foster (Osteopath)

Dr Tracey is an Osteopath who has earned a reputation as one of the best body therapists in the Bay over the last 20 years. She holds a Masters in Osteopathy, Bachelor’s Degree in Naturopathy, Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Sciences and a Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

Tracey’s infectious sense of humour and down-to-earth nature enables her to engage with her clients in a way that facilitates them to them to feel safe enough to freely divulge their innermost physical and emotional issues. Her training also encompasses metaphysical healing, giving her uncanny insight into her client’s health and wellbeing. Her ability to combine evidence-based science with metaphysical and holistic health concepts assists her in treating a range of health issues. She specialises not only in musculoskeletal issues but also in anxiety, depression, stress, and respiratory related disorders.

‘I visited Tracey at the Be salon in her home for a craniosacral session. Tracey is an incredibly talented healer who reads your body and what you need. She is also a highly compassionate, empathetic human. I would highly recommend Trace to anyone looking for a treatment.’

– Julia H

‘Tracey is one of the most gifted healers I’ve ever encountered. I felt so calm and centred after leaving. It really inspired me to let go of a whole lot of stuff that was exhausting me. Incredible masseuse too!’

 – Sal Jade

‘Tracey really knows her stuff! She is caring, experienced, relaxing and fun.’ 

– Fiona P

Be. Centred Integrated Wellness Clinic
32 Belongil Crescent, Byron Bay
0413 432 584
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