Emma Bellamy

The Crystal Light Bed contains seven clear quartz crystals. As you lay comfortably down, fully clothed, on a bed, a crystal is aligned with each of your chakras. Your eyes are covered with tissue and you are guided through a meditation while the machine is switched on.

Coloured light is pulsed through the crystals corresponding with the light of each of your chakras. The pyro- and piezo-electric effects harmonise your body’s electromagnetic field, restoring it gently to its optimum levels.

When we are restored to balance all facets of our lives benefit, as we are living in harmony with our perfect, natural state… We are able to heal faster, sleep better and go about our lives in a more energised, focused, clear and happy way.

‘I’ve had three crystal healings with Emma and each time I felt an impenetrable shield of positive energy around me for weeks after – it was impossible to have a negative thought! Truly an amazing experience. I can’t recommend it enough.’

 – Samantha Horton

Crystal Bed Healing with Emma Bellamy
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