Emma Louise Roger

Emma is the founder of Red Tent Yoga, and is the go-to for women’s wellness. She has specialised in women’s health for 20 years as a counsellor, yoga therapist, Ayurveda practitioner, and trauma specialist offering the Havening technique.

Emma believes in working holistically, and quickly gets to the source of any unresolved physical or mental health issues by assisting in removing old trauma in the nervous system, or toxins from the body or mind. This then allows a new way of being to emerge through positive life choices and envisioning your true potential.

Emma offers the following:

  • Perinatal counselling for pregnancy and mothers, anxiety and depression.
  • Yoga classes and private session for women, prenatal and postnatal.
  • Psychotherapy for shifting anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs and patterns.
  • Havening technique for trauma, phobias, addictions, and unresolved core beliefs or emotions.
  • Wellness coaching for weight-loss, self-care, balancing hormones, and more.
  • Birth coaching for couples.

When we shine our light into our dark places, we see our shadows, dissolve our blind-spots, and this allow us to become more connected and whole.

“Through my life journey, I have experienced first hand that healing can be easeful and swift. I believe it can be for you too.” 

Emma Louise Roger


“My pregnancies and birth experiences certainly have you and Red Tent Yoga held lovingly in them. Much love and thanks for what you gave to me and many other women with their pregnancy and birth experiences.”

Clare, mother of 3

“I find Emma’s Havening sessions profound and transformative. I came away feeling nourished and unburdened. I also love that I can use this technique myself at home later.”

Jacinta, naturopath and healer

“Seems very simple, yet works so powerfully, deep within the inner world that we are struggling with on a daily basis, perhaps even without knowing. Easily applied as to calm or strengthen oneself within strenuous times. Combined with deep slow breathing, I find this the uttermost instant ‘change of mind’ therapy.”

Martina, client of Process Oriented Psychotherapy

Emma Louise Roger
Byron Bay by appointment or online sessions available
0410 576 267

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  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
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