100% pure, genuine, certified organic oils ethically sourced from around the world. Free Spirit honours environmental, regional, economic, indigenous and social values with sustainable integration. Their commitment is that their business dealings only impact positively in any of these aspects.

Aromatherapy pioneers Dave and Melanie Dane (founders, Sunspirit Oils) believe everyone is on Earth for a purpose, and that their personal role is to make a difference with people’s health. They use what they sell, love what they do, and their mission is to provide the purest, highest-quality products that nature delivers.

They are incredibly proud of their latest product – MegaOmega Algae Oil – a vegan alternative to fish oil and the world’s cleanest, all natural and organic, highest potency, non-GMO, environmentally responsible, and contaminant free source of Omega-3 DHA.

Suitable for all, it doesn’t interfere with medications, and is a vital supplement for babies, children, adults, athletes, pregnant women, and anyone wanting to live stronger and live longer.

Free Spirit Oils
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