FREE wellness advice from Qualified Naturopaths & Nutritionists

Fundies Lismore has been a part of the Northern Rivers Community for close to 40 years. This is the original store, and our roots remain true today.

Our community reach is quite broad, with people from all walks of life visiting us daily. Those that are mindful of their health & wellbeing to people visiting a health food store for the first time.
Everyone’s health journey is different, so we are always here to help whatever the reason for visiting. Lismore is a wonderful community where a lot of families live and we are lucky enough to get to know many of our customers by name.

We value being an integral part of the community – and we take great pride in getting to know our regular customers on a deeper level. Whether it’s just on a first name basis or taking a personal interest in their health journey, our team aim to make a difference in people’s lives. We will try and source the best possible supplements for our community and offer free wellness advice from qualified naturopaths / nutritionists every day. Keeping up to date with the latest products on offer is also a passion of ours… we have to try them first!

We are proud to support our community’s wellbeing with QUALITY vitamins & supplements. Products are chosen by qualified health professionals before they are allowed in our store – so you can be assured that those on offer are the best in the market. No fillers, additives, or cheap ingredients. Exceptional nutrient content is the end goal, and often more cost effective in the long run. 

It’s fantastic to be a part of conscious consumerism, as well as supporting our local farmers & producers. With a greater awareness of understanding not only where food comes from, but how it’s grown, transported & ingredients included. We are also firm believers on the vital importance of supporting our immune system through not only the use of good nutrition, sleep & stress support, but ensuring the supplements we consume are QUALITY. 

And it’s not just awareness of what we eat but what we put on our body & in our environment. You’ll find beautiful skincare & household cleaning products that are clean & earth friendly in store.
Wellness is a concept we try to live daily – and our store is not just a place to pick up your bread, milk & organic goods but a place of support & holistic medicine. Welcome to Fundies Lismore.

Fundies Organic Wholefood Market Lismore
140 Keen Street, Lismore
6622 2199

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