Verona Chadwick

Get back your clarity, focus, energy and be pain free and fit – naturally. Verona Chadwick helps clients untangle the knot of their myriad and sometimes obscure symptoms like brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, digestive issues, and weight gain – so they can get back their healthy selves.

Thirty-eight years as a physiotherapist, and then as an acupuncturist and nutritionist has given Verona unique insight into the root causes of many chronic health issues, allowing her to finally stop the revolving door of practitioners most of her clients have gone through.

Merging functional and integrative medicine testing with practical and impactful lifestyle changes, Verona has transformed the health of thousands of her clients – giving them their lives back.

Heal your leaky gut, find the best non-diet approach to weight loss, understand the connection between your environment and your health issues, optimise your sleep, reduce your stress and anxiety, get back to your old self!

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