Grant Giles

Grant’s unique skillset of hypnotherapy, strategic psychotherapy, an elite sports coaching background, and an uncanny intuitive ability, will help you remove the weight in your life, and put the ground back underneath your feet. Taking away the complex and putting you back into touch with your true nature is Grant’s passion as a therapist.

Grant is a clinical hypnotherapist and strategic psychotherapist with the institute of applied psychology, registered with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. He is also one of the few athlete coaches nationwide with high performance level 3 accreditation within the sport of triathlon.

With a deep interest in the human condition, Grant is an expert at putting people into their own authentic power. He does this by removing the layers of illusionary self-doubt and judgment that keep us bound to old outdated mental scripts and beliefs. Clearing that which keeps us weighed down and divorced from our true nature and potential as human beings. Grant’s easy going, calm, caring nature has made him a natural choice for all humans who are challenged by their own thoughts.

Grant Giles
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Strategic Psychotherapist
9 Robin Street South Golden Beach
0407 959 063