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Garry Griffin, ND naturopathic practitioner and holistic wellness expert

Garry Griffin, Naturopath

Garry Griffin with over 30 years experience, is a dedicated naturopath (ND) and a beacon of holistic wellness, empowering individuals to achieve optimal health through the integration of nature-based healing methods and modern medical insights. With a profound passion for natural medicine and a commitment to individualised care, Garry has become a trusted authority in the field of naturopathy.

Background and education:

Garry Griffin’s journey into the world of naturopathy was fuelled by a deep-rooted fascination with the body’s innate ability to heal itself when provided with the right tools. He earned his Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine, Botanical Medicine and Homoeopathy from a prestigious institution, where he received rigorous training in both conventional medical sciences and alternative therapies. This unique blend of education equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the human body, allowing him to bridge the gap between traditional and holistic approaches to health.

Holistic approach to wellness:

At the heart of Garry’s practice lies his unwavering belief in the body’s natural wisdom and the importance of addressing the root causes of health concerns. He collaborates closely with his patients, taking the time to listen to their stories, concerns, and goals. Garry’s personalised approach involves creating tailored wellness plans that encompass nutritional guidance, herbal medicine, lifestyle modifications, and mindfulness techniques. By addressing the underlying factors contributing to illness, he helps his patients achieve lasting vitality and balance.

Areas of expertise:

Garry Griffin’s expertise spans a wide spectrum of health issues, including digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, stress-related ailments, and more. His keen understanding of the intricate interplay between mind, body, and spirit allows him to offer holistic solutions that support the complete wellbeing of his patients.

Garry also has a passion for looking at a patient’s blood tests to help enlarge the understanding of the health issues that a client faces to improve their health outcomes.

Garry has lectured in naturopathy, and has a special understanding and connection to microcurrent therapy. He has lectured and developed advanced applications of this profound healing therapy.

Personal philosophy:

Driven by his core philosophy that optimal health is a harmonious blend of science and nature, Garry Griffin stands as a testament to the transformative power of naturopathy. His compassionate approach, extensive knowledge, and genuine commitment to his patients’ wellbeing have solidified his reputation as a revered Naturopath and holistic wellness expert.

As a firm believer in the body’s inherent capacity to heal, Garry remains dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to wellness, one holistic step at a time.

  • Diploma of Naturopathy 1991
  • Diploma of Homoeopathy 1991
  • Diploma of Botanical Medicine 1991
  • Certified Hemaview practitioner 2003
  • Certified FSM practitioner 2002

Garry Griffin, Naturopath
Now practicing at Mudita Holistic Collective Byron Bay
1/12 Tasman Way, Byron Bay, NSW 2481
0414 614 550

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  • Phone Consultations:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
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