Lea Le Bidan

Lea is a holistic esthetician and energy healer with over 13 years experience. She has studied with facial masters and healers all around the world and is incredibly talented in her craft.

In her practice, she offers facials and focuses on massage based modalities to transform the skin from the inside out. Each treatment is tailored to suit your needs and its holistic nature relies on different techniques such as toning and sculpting massage, lymphatic drainage using tools such as gua sha, jade rollers and facial cups.

Lea also offers body massage, sound healing, reiki and Dien Chan Zone face reflexology.

During the different treatments, you will experience a deep state of relaxation in a safe and serene space in order to heal & nurture yourself.

‘Lea’s approach is meticulous and five-star luxe all the way and I felt like a queen! A must-try!’ 

– Judy

‘I loved my facial and I mostly loved that it was not only about skin beauty but a little gift for my soul as well.’ 

– Augustina

Lea Le Bidan
11/18 Sunrise Boulevard, Byron Bay
0403 685 875