Jason Snaddon

Hi, I am the Abundance Activator. What that means is that I help those that are ready to activate the abundance that is within, in fact, has always been. You see we are all way more powerful than we realise and by working with me, you will create the space to access and activate your most abundant self.

Why work with me though? Well most of us teach what we need to learn ourselves.

Back in 2005 I was a poor performing real estate agent, partying hard and living a life unfulfilled. I was given a book The Magicians Way by William Whitecloud that changed my life. I learnt that we are the creators of our lives, I learnt that we have instincts and when we create using our instincts magic happens. I have been studying the spiritual laws of abundance ever since then, creating abundance in all areas of my life, including living my legacy doing what is incredibly purposeful for me helping others.

My real estate business, Love Property, was initially the perfect place to learn my craft. That business helped me create the financial and material abundance that I desired. As time evolved though there was a dissatisfaction with just money and things. When my Mum died that experience opened me up to more of the spiritual aspects of abundance and as a result I deepened my instinctive abilities and connection to source. During 2017 my ability to channel the multi-dimensional beings of light came forth as well as a connection to an ascended master, Master Kuthumi, as well as other masters. These beings that come through me come purely in service to those that I work with and are in fact accessible to many of us. All it takes is an openness and a curiosity.

Over the years I’ve been continuing to increase my knowledge and skills writing my first book Abundance 101, and in 2020 I was activated with the ability to reprogram limiting beliefs through the recode process. This is a powerful process shifting long held limiting beliefs enabling massive shifts and changes to be experienced.

I mostly spend my time on our farm in the beautiful Jiggi Valley, but also when its time for a city fix I divide my time between our house in Melbourne and apartment in Sydney, all shared with my husband of 15 years Garrett, along with our varying number of chooks and cows.
Are you ready? Are you ready to bring your best self forward? Your most abundant self? Are you ready to live your life on purpose?
Together, we will activate your abundance and let go of what no longer serves you.
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In Abundance,

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