Joanne Farrell

Joanne is a wellness and life transformation coach and teacher; and is on a mission to empower all emerging changemakers to find clarity, confidence and courage to make a difference. If you want to unshackle from negative mindset/patterns, trauma, anxiety or illness; or you want to actualise your life purpose; Joanne’s powerful kinesiology and neurological rewiring techniques can shift you onto a positive pathway for your health, wealth, career and relationships.

Joanne is passionate about connecting you to your soul wisdom and intuitive intelligence. Muscle testing reveals physical, emotional, or mental issues that you might be totally unaware of; your blind spot. New awareness enables you to make positive changes and have courage to become the conscious creator of your life.

Joanne specialises in neurological imbalances that impact brain function including fight/flight response, stress release, memory, PTSD, anxiety, addictions, depression, self esteem, and motivation. She also incorporates esoteric astrology into her coaching sessions so you can track planetary influences and timing for your life planning.

She brings a wealth of experience and wisdom from transformational kinesiology, anatomy of the energy body, astrology, shamanism, and over 20 years of yoga. She is a local and international teacher and facilitator at yoga teacher trainings.

“I had poor memory, confusion and procrastination due to a head injury. I was so impressed when I gained clarity, improved memory, no more procrastination, and a fear of public speaking was suddenly gone. I now present to corporate groups and can’t thank Joanne enough!” 

– Megan

“As an Indigenous stolen generation healer, I suffered PTSD all my life. After three sessions I can now manage my emotions and I feel like I finally have my freedom back.” 

– Lauren

Joanne Farrell
Kinesiology & Energy Medicine
Practicing Kinesiology & Energy Medicine at:
Centre for Mind Body Wellness, Mullumbimby
Pura Vida Wellness Centre, Brunswick Heads

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