John Bumpus

If you use supplements to improve your health, let’s face it, you are guessing what your body needs.

With a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), we can identify exactly what minerals are needed, as well as person’s hormonal status, and any potential heavy metal toxicity. John’s Mineral Balancing Program corrects these imbalances and encourages the body to naturally detoxify from heavy metals, using vitamins and minerals, paired with a healthy lifestyle.

John Bumpus is a Mineral Balancing practitioner who takes an holistic approach to health; and as a PhD candidate in natural medicine, his expertise, extensive background and vibrant passion for minerals, have made him a highly sought-after consultant and speaker, worldwide.

‘One of the most knowledgeable and caring practitioners that I have ever worked with! John takes the time to listen to me and explain any concerns that I have. Having an HTMA to track my results has been a god-send. Can’t recommend him enough! His work is truly the future of health-care.’ 

– JF

John Bumpus BHS, Dipl. Nutr. Bal Sci; SNTR
0490 195 692

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  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes