Judith Asal

I am a certified trainer in Hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line Therapy®.

Learning these modalities has shown me how to REALLY live my life – how to strengthen my belief in myself and develop courage for my own abilities.

I pass on this experience wholeheartedly as a trainer and coach.

Simply live your dreams!

NLP and Hypnosis can not only sharpen one’s own self-worth, but this method is also established in the professional world. These modalities help to:

  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Clearly recognise and achieve goals
  • Strengthen self-confidence and belief
  • Transform fears and doubts into positive thoughts
  • Plus, further development for therapists and coaches to:
    • Offer quit smoking sessions
    • Offer weight loss sessions
I look forward to your registration for the next training!

Upcoming trainings:

Online | 12–14/07/2024

In this 3-day training you will learn basic and gentle hypnosis techniques. You can apply these immediately in your own practice – for yourself and your clients.

Online | Start 21/11/2024

In just 9 days you, will learn the knowledge and all basic techniques of the NLP methodology.

“Judith is so calm and caring. A really fabulous coach. I highly recommend her.”

Dan S – Coaching Client

“Judith is warm and welcoming, making it easy to relay and understand in a supportive learning environment. She is professional and delivers immense value in her trainings.”

Alex M – Participant NLP Training

“Judith Asal is a great trainer! She is knowledgeable and understanding. I highly recommend her trainings.”

Pauline C – Participant NLP Training

Judith Asal
NLP and Hypnosis Trainings

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