Kari Barron

Kari is passionate about practicing kinesiology and supporting clients to reach their full potential; whether it’s for career, health, self-esteem, relationships, financial, learning difficulties or just overall well being. It is amazing how quickly the results come. Through muscle testing she is able to identify and resolve physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, hormonal and neurological imbalances and restore health and vitality.

She specialises in neurological kinesiology called LEAP (Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols), which focuses on addressing neurological imbalances which affect how the brain functions. It’s particularly helpful for over active fight/flight response, anxiety, depression, PTSD, learning difficulties, self esteem, motivation, deep rooted behavioural patterns etc.

‘My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and struggled with learning difficulties and mood swings. After just one session with Kari, she has improved significantly. She is now excited for school and much happier. I can’t recommend Kari enough!’ 

– Bernadette

‘I don’t think words are enough to thank Kari. Especially from people who suffer from PTSD and trauma… one session and the shift is real!’ 

– Darlene

Kari Barron, Kinesiology & Energy Medicine
Registered member of the Australian Kinesiology Association
5-7 Byron Street, Byron Bay
0415 379 757