Karlyn Digitalis

Karlyn offers the experience of inner Sacred Alchemy by sharing the life changing benefits of breathwork mastery, yoni mapping therapy and sacred sexuality. Her focus is on soothing the nervous system, integration of unresolved past events and empowering people to tap into their own healing capacity.

Karlyn has worked in the field of complementary health for over 20 years and now specilaises in trauma-informed breathwork and bodywork. Her many gifts and extensive training shine through in her work as she guides folk through transformational processes. She is trained in breathwork mastery, life coaching, yoni mapping therapy, tantric bodywork and sacred sexuality, yoga, and conscious birth.

Karlyn’s passion is in sharing simple practices that anyone can implement into their lives to enhance greater wellbeing, a grounded sense of peace and stillness and a connection to their authentic resonance.

Karlyn offers private sessions for breathwork and yoni mapping therapy, group work for breathwork and adult sex education, and certified trainings in breath coaching.

Karlyn Digitalis
Breathwork Mastery Practitioner, Breath Coach, Yoni Mapping Therapist
0431 878 421