Kate Messenger

Kate is a deeply intuitive, wholehearted, compassionate and sensitive person, who brings humour and warmth into her Crystal Healing sessions and readings, which are gentle yet undeniably powerful.

Crystal Resonance Therapy™ utilises specific crystal frequencies and layouts to release blockages in your physical, emotional and energetic bodies, get stuck energy flowing and reprogram old filters and patterns at a deep cellular level. This helps realign and balance your systems and allows you to navigate life’s experiences with fresh, clear energy and a whole new level of insight and understanding. The crystal frequencies help facilitate the smooth and balanced flow of energy throughout your systems. Whether this occurs at a physical, emotional or spiritual level – or all three – depends on each individual, and what they are ready for at the time.

A Crystal Reading with Kate is like a cross between a Tarot reading, intuitive coaching session and Crystal Healing. A Crystal Reading will provide clarity and deep insight into the questions / issues you bring to the session, revealing the key energies and energy dynamics – the challenges, lessons and gifts. Kate works with specific Crystal and Elemental Allies together with other spiritual guides and her own intuitive reading of the energies at play (physical, emotional, spiritual). You will walk away from your session having received a full healing transmission from the crystal and elemental energies, and with detailed messages, guidance and tools to reflect on and work with going forward.

Sessions are different for everyone, but general benefits include: increased energy, sense of balance and calm, improved sleep, greater clarity and insight, a sense of empowerment, stronger connection to your intuition, creativity and inner wisdom. Above all else, the work helps you reconnect to your inner compass and authentic self.

Kate loves connecting with people at a deep soul level and witnessing their energy transform and blossom over the course of their sessions. She has been practising for over 20 years and believes that the magic of life is in the constant learning, exploring, expanding and evolving.

Kate is able to immediately sense what is needed in a healing session. I arrived feeling tense and a bit fearful and left with a sense of calmness and optimism which lasted for days after. I was able to gain such great insight into my own condition during the session. Kate is a genuine healer and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks again – it really was a fantastic session!! 

– Emma Cottrell

Thank you so much for my crystal reading today. I feel like I have something to focus on and work towards. I absolutely loved my time with you.

Tennelle Scagliotti

Kate Messenger CRTh – Crystals & Dreaming
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