Katie Dillon

Katie Dillon is actively working to turn the tide on the type 2 diabetes epidemic through prevention and reversal. Not only can type 2 diabetes be prevented, but it can be reversed. Through education and support, Katie will set you on the right path, and motivate you to stay there.

Katie founded Empowered Nutrition in Ballina in 2017. She consults one on one in person, online or by phone. She also runs group classes, teaching clients to kick sugar cravings and tune in to what their bodies truly need. An experienced speaker, she is available to present at events.

Nothing gives Katie greater joy than seeing clients transform from being tired, frustrated, overweight, in pain, and often depressed, to becoming happier, full of energy, lighter and positive individuals. Your body is constantly trying to heal and be well. Through education, Katie will empower you with the knowledge to allow it to do just that.

Katie offers a free initial phone consultation to discuss the best way to work together to achieve your goals.

Katie Dillon, Empowered Nutrition
2/78 Norton Street, Ballina
0412 197 912

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  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Phone Consultations:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
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