Award-winning somatic sex educator, Laura-Doe, uses humour, song and science to support people to connect with the wisdom and pleasure within their own bodies.

In 2008 Laura-Doe founded The yOniversity, providing accurate, accessible and entertaining education about pleasure and arousal in those gifted with a vulva. As well as presenting her workshops internationally and online, she has developed a range of teaching resources to educate about vulva anatomy. She is currently the vice-president of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia.

Laura-Doe’s self-discovery programs provide personal coaching tailored to your specific goals and desires. Email to book a no-obligation chat about how she can support your journey to sexual happiness. All genders welcome.

‘I was convinced I wasn’t brave enough to do sexology sessions. It took about five minutes of speaking with Laura-Doe to sweep those doubts away. She’s welcoming, discreet, frank; her expertise combined with her attitude took sex and self-love from being elephants in a room to a thrilling safari.’

Somatic Sex Educator, Pleasure & Embodiment Coach, Speaker
The yOniversity, Ocean Shores and online
0405 280 470