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Life Cykel is a high ethos mycelium biotechnology company that engineers positive solutions for real world problems. By harvesting the circular economy and using its valuable fuel in partnership with mushrooms, we are able to offer incredible products and services for our health and planetary harmony. The team at Life Cykel noticed a disconnect between society and fresh food, and wanted to create a philosophy that emphasises nutrition, health, happiness and waste utilisation. One way we are achieving this is by collecting and repurposing used coffee grounds which would otherwise end up in landfill.

From humble beginnings, Julian and Ryan co-founded the company back in 2015. From there, it has been expanding rapidly, offering cutting-edge mushroom products and decentralised food security enablement packages.

Life Cykel is based in Byron Bay and also has several growing facilities across Australia and one in Wisconsin, USA. We produce our products from spawn to bottle, and with the expertise of our in-house scientists, from nanotechnologists to biotechnologists, we are passionate about producing the highest quality, full spectrum mushroom extracts on the planet.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products and that they will enrich your life in the best way possible! For any questions, suggestions or feedback you can email us at

Mush love from the Life Cykel team.

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