Lin Bell

Lin’s specialty is to assist you in accessing core underlying psychologies, overwhelm, stuck-ness, and stress so they can be released, allowing for more calm, ease and flow in your life. She also works with nutrition and allergies which can be incorporated into your balance. This may include past life or early childhood regression. Face areas of self-doubt, shame, guilt, blame, fear, giving-up. See the patterns you’ve adopted from your parents, your peers, your ancestors. See what motivates you and how you sabotage yourself. Be gently guided into acceptance so tensions diffuse, understanding comes and balance is restored. Move forward with connection, clarity and ease.


  • Kinesiology
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Past Life Regression
  • Nutrition, Allergy support
  • Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Shamanic Kinesiology Training
  • Meditation
  • Trauma & Healing Indigenous
  • Crystal, Aura and Chakra Balances
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Personal Development
  • Workplace Interpersonal Management Communication
  • Conflict Resolution

Training & Certification

  • BKP Certified Kinesiology, Byron Kinesiology School 2001-2002
  • Nutrition & Herbs, Byron Kinesiology School 2002
  • Diploma Trauma & Healing Indigenous, Gnibi, Southern Cross University, Lismore 2012
  • Diploma Counselling & Rebirthing, Past Life Regression, Breathconnection, Lismore 1988
  • Te Kopere Maori Healing, Olive Bullock, New Zealand 1981-2012
  • Tsalagi/Cherokee studies with Dhyani Ywahoo, Sunray Meditation Centre, Vermont, US 1983
  • Crystal Healing, Aura Balances, Suzi Holbeche & Paul Solomon Sydney 1983-1985
  • Meditation & Self Awareness, Enlightened Masters in India, Teachers in US, UK, Europe, NZ, South Africa 1977-2018
  • Spiritual Healing, Eileen Boud, Petersham, Sydney 1980-1983
  • Spiritual Healing, Harry Edwards, England, 1969-1972
  • Spiritual Healing, my father taught me as a child

Inner Self Guidance Cards

These colourful cards have been selling locally, and more recently globally, for the past 21 years and have become part of the ‘Byron culture’ as they spread and touch the lives of many.

This set of 128 cards include instructions for doing your own personal ‘tarot reading’, as well as how to play a Transformational Game. Unravel core issues in a fun, supportive way – an opportunity to release fear and guilt and connect to your inner freedom.

Use these inspirational oracle cards to assist you in bringing clarity, awareness, pointing you within to your inner Knowing. They offer guidance on decisions, relationship with yourself and others, and a general sense of the energies around you at the moment. Great as a gift, these mini cards are small enough to take travelling with you.

Vidafy Curcumin Golden Drops Authorised Distributor.

“The main thing I wish to share are the results – two days after the session, I distinctly noticed the difference in my energy and presence when I was in town. I was not tense or holding onto anything and just felt deeply different all over. Plus, to my disbelief,  I initiated and orchestrated with absolute ease, an activity that formerly just brought up too much nervousness to put into action!! All day having no hesitation or procrastination or doubt, to just immediately clear things, finish things, organize things that I have wanted done for ages! So truly, if you are feeling blocked and out of alignment, do not hesitate to connect with Lin, and receive her decades long dedication to solid practice, and refinement of deep healing awareness and skills. Thankyou so much Lin. With respect and love, Zanetta Shakti”

“I had a Kinesiology session with Lin a couple of months ago regarding sleeplessness. I had been skeptical of Kinesiology as I’d had a couple of previous sessions with different kinesiologists who kind of missed the mark.

Well it was amazing – Lin’s skilled questions got straight to the root of the issue and listening to the body’s response, was able to pin-point issues in my life that I could actually let go of and stop worrying about especially at 4am. Again listening to the body, she found an affordable and easy protocol – the only supplement being magnesium that I could buy at the chemist (not something expensive to buy from her like many practitioners will push on you after a session).

Overall I found the session to be incredibly helpful. 2 months later I’m sleeping a LOT better, and still not worrying about those old issues at 4am.

I highly recommend a session with Lin if you’re wanting to shift a stuck pattern – and have lasting results!”

– Susie Dove

Byron Bay Kinesiology-Healings-Readings With Lin Bell Kinesiologist, Nutrition-Allergies, Trauma Counsellor, Spiritual Healer
Pepperbush Street, Suffolk Park NSW, Australia
0404 066 707

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  • In Person Visits:Yes
  • Phone Consultations:Yes
  • Online Sessions:Yes
  • Group Sessions:Yes
  • Training, Education, Workshops and Retreats:Yes
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