Dr Martin Hemsley PhD

Psychotherapy sessions are not only for building resilience and relieving psychological distress.

Martin is here to also support you to extend your wings – explore in a safe place your empowerment, connection with your deepest sense of meaning, find the juice in your relationships and discover the magic in your dreams.

Dr Martin Hemsley is a psychotherapist, facilitator, teacher and author. He is a fully qualified practitioner of Process Work (also known as Process Oriented Psychology or Dreambodywork) which he studied for over ten years.

Process Work has its origins in Jungian psychology, and its methods are grounded in Taoism, Shamanism, Alchemy and Communication Theory. Martin is passionate about healing, having himself undergone transformative shamanic experiences which have given him a deep appreciation of healing processes and alternate realities and states of consciousness.

Martin is particularly interested in working with spiritual emergence, and also in working with other healers. In his book ‘Here There be Soul-Eaters: Sacred Journeys of Nurse Healers’ (published in 2019), Martin explored with other healers their awesome, painful, beautiful and challenging lifepaths.

Martin Hemsley PhD
Dip Process Oriented Psychology, RN. PACFA accredited
Coopers Shoot
0490 385 814