Mint Pilates teaches the true and original, Pilates method exercise system by passionate, highly trained and skilled instructors. The studio is fully equipped with the best apparatus from Pilates Designs LLC, New York. Learn to make your body strong. Really strong.

Mint Pilates Mullumbimby is a beautiful, intimate studio, teaching the original Pilates method. Be immersed in this deeply challenging exercise system which changes the body in incredible ways.

Corey and Eric are passionate and inspiring instructors who have been trained by world-class teacher trainers, who continue to adhere to the original teachings of Joe Pilates’ structurally-designed bodywork, that he named Contrology. Be introduced to your powerhouse; deep centre muscles that when strengthened properly, create a strong foundation for all movement, and develop long, lean and strong muscles. It is deeply transformative work, taught by the best, on the best equipment.

Corey Wittorff
Level V Romana’s Pilates Instructor
Address available on request
0408 587 555

Additional Details

  • Group Sessions:Yes