The Ocean Shores Happy Herb Shop have created a community hub contributing to education, transformation and fulfilment, providing natural integrated healthcare and holistic wellbeing while championing the Happy Herb Company’s mission statement of “Promoting the appreciation, education, benefits, culture and freedom for all NATURAL plants and herbs.”

They have created a space where all are welcome to come and explore the world of herbs, where customers are empowered by an expanded awareness of themselves and their healthful options to raise their wellness, fulfilment and inspiration in life.

They offer professional facilitation and counselling with healing philosophy and consciousness to gain insights into the body’s imbalances that lead to disease, and how to use the body’s symptoms as a feedback system to bring healing (Dr. Belle Stone

They provide an extensive range of natural and effective plant medicines as loose herbs, tinctures, spagyrics and oils, as well as supplements to promote optimal health, healing, and wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

The Ocean Shores Happy Herb Shop promotes a wide range of products with expert knowledge, advice and ever-friendly service:​

  • Herbs for health, vitality, immunity and wellbeing, 
  • Herbs for energy
  • Herbs for relaxation, balance, and stress relief
  • Herbs for romance, libido and fertility
  • Herbs for dreaming, magic, ritual and ceremonial use
  • Happy Herb’s famous range of smoking blends, including mixes for helping to quit smoking
  • A great range of super foods and natural first aid, many well-being supplements, and quality alternative and complimentary medicines

The shop also stocks an exciting and eclectic collection of books ranging through Rumi, Hafiz, Jung, Freud, Dispenza, Lipton, Shepherd, Demartini, Watts, McKenna, Hancock, Bucky Fuller, Harari, Maté, Brene Brown, Tolle, Chopra, Frankl, Kafka, Chodren, Myss, Campbell, Aristotle, Seneca, through religions, ancient cultures, alchemy, herbalism, nutrition, entheogens and psychedelics, psychology, human behaviour, esoteric teachings, history, sexuality, consciousness, women’s wisdom and shamanic exploration.

The Happy Herb Shop considers all their products as components of complementary and alternative medicines and supplements to assist wholistic healing with well-being of the body, mind and spirit.

Ocean Shores Happy Herb Shop
Shop 10 Ocean Village Shopping Centre, Ocean Shores, NSW 2483

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