• Over 30 years practicing Ayurvedic medicine and teaching yoga. Raman has the expertise and insight to help reveal your true health and life potential.
  • The ultimate ‘personalised medicine’ approach – customised Ayurvedic preparations, diet and lifestyle advice – an effective treatment for many chronic lifestyle related health problems.

Raman Das Mahatyagi is the founder and principal Ayurvedic Vaidya (practitioner) at Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre, which he established in Sydney in 2000. He travels regularly to Byron Bay and Townsville providing consultations and ongoing contact with his patient base.

His integrated, comprehensive healthcare approach is based on the rich knowledge contained within the Vedic sciences of India, and his many years of personal experience as a yogi and Ayurvedic practitioner. He calls his approach YATAN – Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Astrology, Nature.

Helping Australians for over 20 years, he has found his YATAN approach very effective in providing healing, relief and improved energy and vitality for a wide range of chronic and recurring health problems – including skin conditions, menopause symptoms, digestive, respiratory problems and more.

Raman Das Mahatyagi, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yogi
Byron Medicine Wheel, 5/84 Jonson Street, Byron Bay
Also practicing in Townsville and Sydney
1300 552 260

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