Uplevel your MINDset with 90 minute Experientials.

​Adventures in Consciousness designed to take you to a specific frequency, feel a particular feeling or allow exploration, expansion and opening to new paradigms and expression.


Signature MbodiYoga and Wellness SACRED SAMADHI.

​Immerse in a @MBodiYoga restorative class, then relax in the saltwater pool with a far infrared sauna and colour therapy while indulging in platters of delicious plant based food and beverages from Alive + Wild.


Claim • Embody • Radiate
Based on the books Galactic Memoirs and The Initiate

Adventures in Consciousness with I of RA and the Lore of Sekhmet and the Deck of RA: 22 Oracle Cards to open your consciousness and rock your world. Featuring the Runes of RA creating Sigils of power and desire, you will experience and engage RAMUTet.

​The state of ecstasy and attunement when embodying the tantra of RA and MU with Essence and this Radiance creates a physical expression of Reality.

​Connecting with the Essence of MU* 

(Her, the consciousness of the planet we live and love on) and the Essence of RA** (the original Creator codes / Creative principle) and when you pull this energy into Essence, it ignites the embodiment.

The resulting ‘sekhem’ when imprinted with or directed by your consciousness, can be used for healing, physical expression / manifestation.

​The more potent – the more intense and timelier the materialisation / healing / expression. This will rock your world and have you claiming Sovereignty, Liberation, and your own creative power


HIRE our air-conditioned studio for 12-15 people, with access to the salt water pool + far infrared sauna + surrounding flora and fauna, ONSITE CATERING from Alive + Wild Plantbased Cuisine + STAY in self-contained accommodation and glamping.

Retreats Byron Bay
CasaVeras, 60A Kingsvale Road, Myocum
0412 400 085

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