Ritika is a master sattva yoga teacher, jyotishi (vedic astrologer), and a lifelong student of the ancient tantric practices including breath work and Kriya. No matter the circumstances, the trauma endured, the story of one’s life, Ritika can teach you to embody these teachings to shift your energy and employ your life force to awaken to the highest potential of your life. 

Some of the practices Ritika shares are:

  • How to cultivate conscious daily rituals to elevate your body and mind.
  • How to use these ancient yogic practices in this modern world with ease.
  • How to bring in the divine into your life – through meditation, breath work and wisdom.
  • How to embody these ancient teachings to reach the highest potential of your life. 
  • Introduction to different ishtas – goddesses and how to manifest the qualities of these archetypes in your life. 

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Ritika teaches Kriya in person at WeMove Studio in Mullumbimby on Saturday mornings at 7am.


Vedic astrology reading:

“I didn’t have much understanding or trust in astrology before having a reading with Ritika. The insights and guidance that she gave during my session were extremely helpful. I felt like she really understood me…more than anyone ever has. I felt reassured, validated, and humbled by her wisdom and knowledge of vedic astrology.” – Meggie

Goddess journey:

“This course has actualised a lot of growth that I have been building up to all my life. It has been very finite, powerful and resolute. I am in awe, extremely grateful, feeling very fortunate. What a wild ride this is! I love Kriya – and I am feeling very lucky to have found Ritika and this practice.” – Sharni


“I have completed lots of different types of therapies, workshops, reike, short courses, and practiced meditations alone and in groups. I’ve experienced stillness sessions,  women’s circles, yoga, years of pilates, and different mindfulness coaching. The list truly does go on. I consider myself a fairly conscious person too.
However, when I started Kriya with Ritika, something was very different to any other practice I’d come across. It’s challenging, emotive, energetic and freeing.
I genuinely look forward to practicing Kriya every day. In all the things that I have tried nothing has moved or transformed me like Kriya. I’ve never stuck with any ritual, except Kriya. It’s so powerful and works from the inside, out. I felt it shift energy inside of me, that’s been stuck for years.”
– Chelsea

Ritika, Vedic Astrologer and Life Coach
0424 698 382

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  • Training, Education, Workshops and Retreats:Yes
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