Rob Sanasi

Rob Sanasi is the Founder and Director of Lion Tamers ADHD Coaching.

He has been married to Deb for 33 years.

His ADHD qualifications are as follows:

Rob formally trained as an ADHD Coach at Brandtman Institute of ADHD Coaching, Chatswood NSW, Australia.

The Mark Brandtman Institute was established in May 2000 and is a beacon of hope and guidance for those struggling with ADHD. Pioneering an entirely new field, Mark Brandtman was the first to establish ADHD coaching in Australia, bringing a fresh and much needed perspective to managing ADHD.

A little about Rob Sanasi and his ADHD:

Pre-diagnosis, Rob’s life was a wild roller-coaster. 

On the upside he was driven, creative, fun and dynamic. He generated huge businesses, a massive real estate portfolio, over 200 cars, and several boats. His massive energy levels drew people to him and left every competitor eating his dust. He hardly slept. He rarely sat still unless he was hyper focusing. Life was exciting and fruitful.

And the downside? 

He was impulsive, hyperactive, impatient, easily bored, unable to focus, unable to slow down, unable to sleep, accident prone, financially irresponsible, disordered with food, and constantly needing a dopamine hit to feel good.

The extravagant highs were inevitably highjacked by some pretty thunderous lows. One impulsive decision, and years of hard work dissolved in into the same dust his competitors once ate. 

And this was a recurring theme, unfortunately. Not to mention the stress this placed on his marriage.

So how did Rob finally slow down?


True story.

Only someone with screaming ADHD would buy a turbo-charged e-scooter at the age of 56 to take the boredom out of a one kilometre walk to work. 

As he lay in a hospital bed after being thrown into oncoming traffic by a car who didn’t see him, he started to feel depressed. It was the first time in many years Rob had stopped. 

The accident meant he couldn’t move. No dopamine hits. No ability to use movement to feel good. The immobility caused Rob to seek answers as to why he was so profoundly restless.

Life is very different for Rob post diagnosis. He is now on medication and has received help from a wide range of professionals, including ADHD Coaching at Brandtman Institute, to help him lead a more balanced and satisfying life.

The lion has been tamed to the point where life is more measured, decisions are more thought through and relationships are more savoured.

Rob completed the comprehensive training to become a Certified ADHD Coach, and now specialises in working with adults. He will help target your specific goals and share the latest evidence-based strategies to enhance your personal ADHD toolkit.

The condition doesn’t have to control you. It really doesn’t. There are multiple ways to bring order to chaos and learn to live a more productive and stable life.

Professionally Rob has trained and worked as a Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Head of Marketing, Business Owner, Business & Personal Coach, Motivational Speaker, and trained ADHD Coach.

Rob will help bring your ADHD into alignment with your values and goals.

For a free 15-minute initial phone consultation to assess your or your affected partner’s ADHD coaching needs, call 0412 165 916.

1 hour appointments: $165 

  • In person at Suite 201, Level 2, 8 Thomas Street Chatswood, NSW 2067 
  • Coffee or walk and talk in Lane Cove area (Sydney, NSW), or
  • Online sessions

$165 per hour or $150 per hour for advanced bookings of 5 to 10 hours.

Rob Sanasi
Call or text: 0412 165 916
Instagram: @adhdcoachessydney

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